The digitised past

This is a blog investigating different use cases around IIIF and other web technologies to help explore the past through historical documents and objects.

Recent Posts

NLW Journals Writeup

14 minute read

NLW Journals write up from 2017. I often find that I link to this article but the original isn’t always available so I have copied it here for posterity. The...

IIIF Tribunal Image Classifier

7 minute read

As mentioned previously, I am following the Fast AI course and as part of the second lesson you are encouraged to develop an Image Classifier. An Image Class...

AI and IIIF Ideas

5 minute read

I am following the Fast AI course and one of the suggestions was to blog as you follow the course. This blog will document some ideas for the second session....

IIIF from Scratch

5 minute read

I’ve been trying to learn Welsh for a number of years but unfortunately I’m not a natural linguist. So when one of our neighbours gave our Children an old We...

MarineLives New Year Wishes

8 minute read

This post began as a discussion on twitter on how IIIF could help the MarineLives project achieve their goals on collecting and transcribing historical conte...